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  3. All employees either salaried or on contractual basis are part of . any attempts to influence, bribe or poach staff or office bearers are liable for prosecution.

  4. You can place your order either via online or phone call.

  5. We do not place orders through any agents claiming to be part of

  6. Our team will introduce you about your order through our unique verification and validation process.

  7. All Orders need to placed 24 hours in advance ONLY.

  8. During the year certain kinds of fish are seasonal and may not be available more over the quantity you have ordered may not be available to be supplied to you. In which case, we shall inform you of making an alternative order booking that may match your needs to the closest possible fish and quantity that you need.

  9. Delivery time will be all 7 days of the week from 8.30 A.M. – 10 P.M.

  10. All orders are to be paid in cash only. We do not have a credit sale.

  11. In case you do not receive a confirmation call, please call our Hotline+91 7666 66665 enquire about your order giving us full details about booking.

  12. In case of customised orders such as prawns/fish fillets/cubes, slices, steaks etc. the charges on the order will be based upon the unprocessed fish and not on the final customised order.

  13. We take the utmost care to give you fresh fish. However if you do find the your order has a damaged pack or the fish not fresh you will be required to check all these at the time of delivery in front our delivery staff. We will replace it for you at the next earliest delivery time or day. Any claims thereafter would not be entertained.

  14. We have uploaded the price list which changes each month. These are indicative prices based on quantity and processing respectively on confirming your order you will be informed about the final amount to be paid. Kindly keep exact change.

  15. Our fish is always fish and that we assure you however if you have not got your confirming call from us please bring it to our attention.

  16. Any disputes if delivery is not being done or needs to be replaced we shall resolve it within 3 working days