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What is is simply ordering your favouritefresh fish on call. You can order fresh fish either online or using our hotline.

Does also have dry fish?
Yes! We do stock limited quantities of dry fish. The process of order for dry fish is the same. Call our hotline to know the availability.

How do I place an order ?
You can order fish either online from the website or using our hotline. Please place your orders a day in advance. Online order
1. Go to and chose the How to order link.
2. Select the seafood you wish to order with quantity and how you want your seafood processed.
3. Enter your delivery address, contact phone number or email id, for us to give you a verification call
4. On the date of delivery your fish or seafood ordered shall be delivered to you.
5. Make your cash payment at the time of delivery.
6. Place your orders atleast a day in advance.

Fish on Call Orders
1. Dial the number which is on our Home Page + 91 7666666655.
2. Place your order with quantity and how you what your seafood processed.
3. Provide us with your contact number & email id.
4. A verification call will be put through to you confirming the order.
5. On the date of delivery your fish or seafood ordered shall be delivered to you.
6. Make your cash payment at the time of delivery.
7. Place your orders atleast a day in advance.

Where does deliver in Mumbai? delivers from Colaba to Bandra. We do not charge for delivery.

What happens to my order if I am not at home?
At the time of delivery if for some reason you will be unavailable to take the delivery it shall go back. You would have to confirm with the Call Centre for a re-delivery and set time when you will be at home to receive it.

What is the minimum quantity or order value I need to place with
The minimum quantity to order is INR 500/- and FREE home delivery.

How can I pay for my orders?
In just 3 steps you can place your order. Log in to the website or dial using the hotline, give us your order and contact details, then leave the rest to us. However please note that we accept Only Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) and no other mode of payment. Kindly do try to keep exacting change for a quick delivery.

What do you mean by Unprocessed order?
There different types of fish and seafood available. For your convenience we ensure to offer you the option of giving you the full fish or other seafood as it is. The basic cleaning will be done by us but the rest of the order will be given to you.

What is a Processed order?
The Processed order would mean that for fish or any of the other seafood you order will be cleaned, treated and diced for you. For fish we would undertake to remove the head and/or tail, remove the scales and or debone it. We would also customise the order - cubes, slices and fillets. For shrimps and prawns we would retain or not keep the head and tail, devein in it for you.

How does calculate my bill after I have placed my order booking?
Does bill me?
At the time of confirming your order you will have an amount that will indicate how much it will cost you based on our month price list. In the case of you calling us we will inform you based on your order quantity and type of fish. In addition, if you wish to have your order customised in terms of processing that is for e.g. without head and or tail, deveining as in the case of shrimps and prawns the amount to be paid will be made know to you. Your order to shall depend on the quantity placed, for e.g. If you order 1 kg of fish and with some amount of processing from us. The order will vary in terms of quantity i.e. it will be in the range of more than a kg or less. If you confirm your order we shall go ahead and deliver it to you. Likewise if it is more than a kg we will too inform you of the final amount to be paid including or excluding of processing of the order.

Do I need to sign-up to place an order/ Why Sign-Up? would love to have you as a member! When you Sign In you will be able to do only once. Unless you need to change your delivery and billing addresses. The benefits of singing in are great as we will have your choice and history of orders so we can serve you better.

How can I sign-up on
At the Home or Main page of there is a Sign In link. All you have to do is click it and a simple easy to use form will appear on your screen. Just fill in details once and you’re ready to order! Buying fish has never been so easy.

Do I need to enter my address from scratch every time I want to place an order?
You need to register your address only once if it is for Delivery or Billing. Unless you have changed your address, you will require to inform us accordingly.

In case my internet connection is lost at any step during the ordering process, what can I do?
When you order online we ask for your email id. After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation mail stating the nature and details of your order. If that does not happen, it means that the details are not captured and you will have to login in again to place the order. You can also call us on our hotline +91 7666 66665 to place your order if there is a delay in the net connection coming back again.

How do I cancel/ change an Order placed?
We as policy do not take cancel orders. However if you wish to change your order we can certainly check on availability. It is therefore advisable at the time of order confirmation especially in the case of phone orders that you provide us with the appropriate and confirmed delivery address.

What if I get what I did not order?
For both our online and on call orders we ensure that you get what you have ordered for. In case you do not get your order delivered please do call immediately or at the earliest and bring it to our attention. Our order confirmation takes care precisely of this concern of yours.

How can I resolve an issue with a current order?
Our policy is simple – Fresh fish for you each time you order. So if you do not find the fish not fresh when delivered. Please inform the delivery team at the earliest. The parcel needs to be checked there itself.

What if I wish to cancel my order?
At the time of our verification call to you we believe that you wish to proceed with your order. We do not expect cancellations. At the website too we have a step that prompts you if you wish to proceed to ‘Checkout’ for a confirmed booking you can cancel your booking at the time.

How do I get a copy of my Online Order for my records?
At the time of Sign In we have placed an easy menu for you that says VIEW MY PREVIOUS ORDERS. This can be spotted when your current order is in process waiting to be checked out. It would be great to see what you liked before and recall most and order it again !

Where all is my personal information used? only asks you for the basic information that helps us to make your delivery quick. We do not share your information to any outside party. The details given by you are not all mandatory for you so rest assured of your privacy and personal details.

Will I get unwanted promotional mail via text message?
The only messages you will get from us when you opt to receive further alerts on our promotions and sales programmes or if there is a new order lot of seafood that we would like you consider ordering. Our team will only use your cell phone number to verify the order. That is all! follows very strictly Privacy Policy when it comes to your details. If you do receive any such messages or alerts stating other than the other you please do let us know to take appropriate action. We do not solicite.

How do I register my complaint against orders delivered?
At we are committed to delivering to you fresh fish. If by chance you get a bad order you must bring it to our attention at the very earliest.

Would it be possible to have to ids on Mumbaifish?
No. Your email address is the login name for the account and hence you are only allowed to have one account assigned to an email address.

Would deliver to my office?
Yes ! We can deliver to your office, provided you provide us with the address as part of the delivery address.

My address has changed. How do I update it?
When you Sign In you will be able to modify or change your address. You ….

How do I update my profile? My e-mail address/ phone numbers have changed. How do I update it?
When you Sign In you will have the specific security options to update your records if you like. At that time you can change your billing address, contact number/s as well your password if you wish.

Can I gift a fish or any of the seafood mentioned on
It would be a great gifting option to gift someone special if that person is also an avid fish-lover like you ! We need the person’s contact address and phone number and also the day of delivery. Your address given in our records we can pick up the bill from you so as to make the present a memorable one!

Does have any loyalty schemes or benefits for regular customers who order?
We currently do not have any special programme. The special offers will be intimated to all through our website and our Call Centre for ‘Specials of the Day ‘! where you can get a good catch and price.

Does have any special rates for festivals and bulk order rates?
We shall introduce festival rates from time to time and this too shall be made know through our web site and Call Centers.

Can I have multiple accounts? encourages customers to have one id per person so that you can get the maximum service effectively. You can however have additional addresses for our records as delivery address that suits your requirements.